Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Visit to Devonport for a train ride!

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, Daughter, 23mths; Friends with 5y.o, 3y.o and 18mth old

23mths is train mad!  Everything is Thomas and all he says all day (which is enough to drive me mad) is 'toot toot'.  23mths refuses to say train, or any words associated with trains, just 'toot toot'.  Just to perpetuate this obsession, on Sunday we took him and 18y.o Daughter for a drive to Devonport with some friends and their kids, to have a ride on an old train and look at the steam trains there.

When we left home, the weather was perfect.  It takes 1.5hr to drive to Devonport, and on the way the weather changed dramatically.  There was a front across Tasmania the size of the whole Island!  The rain was so bad that I thought we were going to have to pull over, I hoped that it had travelled down from Devonport so that by the time we got there it would be fine.

Hmmm...when we got there and met our friends, the weather wasn't really any better.  The Don River Railway was impressive, and of course there were steam engines painted in the colours of the Thomas characters.

We paid for tickets and boarded the train, choosing whichever carriage we wanted.  The two young boys choose the front of course, so they could watch the diesel engine.  23mths was so quiet!  Not one 'toot toot'! He sat in his seat and seemed amazed that we were on a train.

When we reached our destination, we hopped off to watch the engine change from the front to the back to pull us back to the station.  All of the boys (and the Dad's) were engrossed with this.

When we returned, we were able to tour the old workshop/museum before we went for a picnic lunch.  Thankfully the weather held off and we were able to find a picnic shelter in the park.  The drive home was as treacherous as the drive there, as the rain came in again.  Although it was wet, it was a great day out :)
23mths with his friend, 18mths

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