Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pronking Alpaca

Starring - Hamish and Sherman
Sherman - on the road

During the frivolities at our place this week, the Alpacas have been frequently looking over the garden gate to see what the fuss is about.  Daughter and I haltered our two boys yesterday and took them for a walk down the paddock and out onto the road (to give them a break from spitting, pregnant females).

It was interesting that Aqua came into the pen for her bucket, and then when she realised she was locked in with the boys and KayJay she started screaming!!  She must have thought she was going to be haltered, but we just ignored the drama queen (we had been warned by her previous owner) and haltered the boys (this was somewhat more difficult than usual as you can appreciate!). 
Aqua - the drama queen
Anyway, the boys behaved perfectly on their walk!
Hamish walking with me - look how big he has become! Approx 11mths
'The Boys'
When we returned, Hamish had a new lease on life and pronked up and down the paddock.  I didn't manage to catch him in full flight, but I caught the end on video.  Notice how disdainful the girls all look LOL.


  1. Oh they are too cute! I thought us walking Forty down the road was unique, but two Alpacas!!! They look so happy and tame with you, nice to see... even if one does want to be the 'drama Queen'. Well done Lisa!

  2. Love it, nothing quite as joyful as a pronking 'paca! Hamish looks like he is enjoying his walk with his tail and ears up. Shirley & Robbie