Monday, 15 October 2012


Cast - 2y.o Son
He made it!!  He can say 'Happy' (just not 'Birthday')!  2y.o had his birthday party on Sunday morning, with his friends from playgroup and his grandparents.

It was a fantastic morning tea, despite the fact that I had taken four hours the night before to decorate the 'Thomas' cake!

With balloons everywhere, the Alpacas looking through the gate, eight little kids ran amuck for two hours.  Daughter and I painted faces (1x batman, 2x tigers and 1x cat), then all of the parents were involved to help with a game of pass-the-parcel.
Face painting!

Before we knew it, two hours had flown by and it was time to sing Happy Birthday, then cut the cake (no, he didn't cry :)  he stuffed his face with icing!!).  Party bags were distributed and investigated, before all of the friends went home and a very tired birthday boy went to bed for a nap.  With grandparents helping, the house was quickly cleaned up, dishwasher put on, and everyone out on the deck in the beautiful sunshine for a well-deserved drink (or three).

After nap-time, it was time to investigate Grandma and Granddad's birthday presents.
A horse that makes noises and open/shuts it's mouth LOL
The next day was truly his birthday.  The festival continued as 2y.o opened his presents from us and the gifts from Perth and Husband's family in the UK.
Remote control Thomas!
Tools from his big brother.
Remote Thomas outside...
Just not letting him go, and now with shoes to match...
Just trim these back with my chainsaw.
Hand-painted 'Thomas' by his big sister


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