Sunday, 14 October 2012

Horse riding, Japanese Macaques,Thomas and a Tiger Snake.!

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter, 23mth old son
Japanese Macaques in City Park
Just to take a break from the non-stop gardening (Spring has sprung and I can't believe how fast everything grows here!!), Daughter and I took 23mths into town to see the Japanese Macaques!

In City Park in the heart of Launceston, there is a surprise!  A huge enclosure for monkeys that is open to the public during spring and summer (I am not sure where they go during winter!).  23mths WAS very surprised to see this!  The enclosure was very good, offering waterfalls, lots of ropes, rocks for sunbathing and a pool to swim in.

After a look at the Macaques, we found a playground...made from an old diesel engine!  Well...23mths went running...

The next day we all called around to a friends house.  Daughter was offered a horse ride on Joker!  It has been five years since she last rode, but like bike-riding, a little bit of practise and she was away.  LOL, I looked after four kids (who had a ball on the tramp) whilst my friend and daughter embarked on a horse ride which took them along and over the beautiful Pipers River. is now back to the garden.  A visit from a male tiger snake (it was almost 2m long) has prompted the clearing of the front and back gardens.  The snake was not at all scared, and was sunbathing on the front lawn outside Daughter's room.  I was watering seedlings and hadn't noticed it until Missy (cat) started playing with it (silly city cat!).
It came up to me (I quickly whisked our old cat Rastas out of the way) before shooting through the fence and into the back garden where the 23mths plays!!  I didn't think to take a photo LOL!!  We haven't found it, so the next best thing is to keep the lawns very short and clean up/cut back the gardens.  Husband reminded us of the pressure/immobilisation first aid in case of a bite.  I love snakes, having kept a Stimson's python in Perth, but the tiger is a killer and responsible for at least one death a year in Tas (where of course, most of them live).  Of course, on a rural property, with beautiful creeks and springs we were bound to see some.  This time of year is bad for them, as it is mating season.  After this, they turn cannibal, so hopefully we should only see one LOL!!

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