Thursday, 11 October 2012

Worth waiting for... welcome to Macquarie Springs and other suprises!

We certainly have been busy :)  We have registered our herd name and prefix - Macquarie Springs (MCQ)!!!! This means that the Alpacas registered with us (either by birth or sales - transfer) will be prefixed with Macquarie Springs (named after the spring on the property).

Maddie, Alice, Lucky, Sherman, Vodka and Malibu
In addition to this exciting news, we have added another two beautiful girls to our herd (making 9 Alpacas!).  From Intrepid Alpaca Stud, we welcome Macquarie Springs Alice and Macquarie Springs Madeline.  Both of these beautiful girls have brilliantly soft and dense fleece, Maddie is five with her last years' fleece under 20 microns.  Alice is 10 and her fleece is still at 23 microns.  Maddie is a maiden (has not had cria), whereas Allie is a great nurturing mother who has previously had full white progeny.  These two girls will be our last purchases (our Alpaca money is running out :( ) until we get Eclipse (Stud) in December with a wether (unless I can twist Husband's arm for more LOL).

Well, the welcome committee was out in force when the two girls arrived, with Acua at the fore.  She however, was more interested in asserting her authority over the humans that had arrived in the entourage, than she was with the Alpacas.  Her assertive interest met with a swift elbow as she rudely snuffed and sniffed at our visitors.  Acua was then put in her place and joined the 'sniff-fest' of the two new herd members.

Alice is very friendly and has a passion for apples.  I immediately was her new best friend, or maybe it was the chopped apple in my pocket?

Maddie wasn't going to be bought so easily, and it took me three days to get her to eat out of my hand.
Both girls are asserting themselves in the herd, and are contested only by Boo.  Voddy will only spit over the treats, otherwise she just can't be bothered (reminding me of how I feel later on in pregnancy).  I am so impressed with how pretty Maddie is - she really looks like a girl!!  Hamish is quite smitten with her...but then I think Hamish is smitten with anything on four legs including his mate Sherman.  I believe the testosterone has hit my little man, whilst Sherman is still wondering what day it is!

The herd has been together for five days and they have all settled in well...even coming into the garden for a nibble before we mow the lawns!


  1. Congratulations! Maddie and Allie both look beautiful too. Well done Lisa, you should be proud of your new name.. I wish you every success!

  2. Congrats on your official registered name :) so fun!

    It's always an interesting adventure when new alpacas come to the farm. The herd has a way of sorting it all out but sometimes those personalities really shine in the mean time. Sounds like they have settled in well.


  3. Love your herd name. Quite a few MacQuaries in this part of the world too. Allie and Maddie look like they have made themselves at home already - hats great. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Thank you everyone :) I hope we can live up to such a 'stately' name! The girls have settled in well, it's just Hamish annoying them all by sticking his nose where it is NOT wanted! Little boy is growing up I think, but still a lamb on the halter :)