Thursday, 11 October 2012

And soon our little boy turns 2!

Smiling for camera
Our little man turns 2 on Monday!  We have had an exciting week choosing last minute birthday gifts, buying party things (all based on Thomas the Tank engine of course), and practising singing Happy Birthday (complete with the blowing out of the candle at the end!).

We have eight friends and their parents for morning tea on Sunday (it is also the Launceston Show weekend) so we are all looking forward to that :)
Mum-Mum's shoes!
Daughter has been assigned to face-painting, whilst 15y.o son has the self-appointed task of managing the food.  We have organised pass-the-parcel, a dancing competition, and an animal noises competition!  My biggest job of course, it the Thomas birthday cake!  I haven't decided if (almost) 2y.o would have a meltdown cutting up a Thomas face, or suffer less if we cut up a 3D Thomas train and ate him and the carriages! Hmmmmm...
With a little friend on a giant trampoline
At 12.00, it will be time to pack-up (and hopefully no animals would have been hurt LOL), and 2y.o will be put to bed so that we can recover with a birthday glass of champers with the grandparents (for having survived the party AND the last 2 years!!!!!!!!!!) :)
Almost 2!

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