Monday, 1 October 2012

Suprise on Saturday...

(Acua) High alert - Who is coming??
Everyone is buzzing with excitement...the Alpacas know something is afoot...we are having some visitors from Intrepid Alpaca Stud on Saturday...

(Lucky) Sure she said something about Alpacas....
(Malibu) She said "Intrepid Alpacas..." (sigh) Don't you EVER listen? I mean, if I heard that then surely you did? Maybe you need to get your head out of the bucket once in a while?
(Vodka) Will you two stop arguing and let me think....what could this mean?
(Hamish) Well I am NOT sharing my bucket, I'm telling you that right now, uhuh no sharing buckets with me...
(Sherman) Sharing buckets? Who said we have to share buckets???? Who is coming again?
(KayJay) What??????

(Hamish) Look into my eyes...I'm NOT sharing my bucket!

(Acua) Stop stressing! I am here, I will protect you all!
(Vodka) YOU! Protect us? Only been here a week... (mutters under her breath)
(KayJay) What's happening?
(KayJay) What'd I miss?
(KayJay) What?????
(Vodka) KAYJAY! Pay attention! Honestly...what I have to put up (mutters)!
(Acua) I heard that!!!
(KayJay) What?

(Hamish) Not...sharing...bucket...


  1. Great photos of the 'pacas and we get a real feel for their natures. Quite right Hamish - don't share that bucket! Our boy Fergus is of a similar ilk. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. What gorgeous photos! I never realised how different they all look on their actual faces. Yes, Im dumb and havent ever seen one up close or ever stroked one, so you'll have to forgive me, lol. Lovely piccys, thank you for sharing. Jacqui