Monday, 26 November 2012

Getting ready for the boys.

We have been very busy, there has been so much to do! The top paddock has been re-fenced, trees and bush have been cut back and we even knocked up a new pen out of the wood left lying around!
Sherman - 'They're busy up there...I know something is going on...we are being moved Hamish!'
Hamish - 'Stop stressing Sherman! Hmmm this looks like a good place for a quick roll'
Sherman - 'But I know it...I can feel it in my (little) bones...our time here is almost up Hamish...they are moving us out!
Husband and I spent a productive weekend putting together a holding pen for 'the boys'.  Hamish and Sherman will join our stud Eclipse and his wether Rembrandt in December.  The paddock is at the top of our property, and is separated from the girls by the house, gardens, and another paddock.  The plan is to feed the boys in the pen, and continue to halter them (take them for walks), so that Eclipse is easily managed when he needs to visit his harem!
We started with what we had...the side of the woodshed, an existing archway with a gate and a bit of a fence...some bowed, old wood...
Post-hole digger borrowed from Dad comes in handy...
Tricky! The pen is on a hill, the existing arch not the straightest!
Two planks up...
Gate on and reinforced...
Straight wood??!!
A bit uneven, but the Alpacas won't mind!

'The Boys'' pen!
Sherman - 'I KNEW it! We're MENFOLK Hamish!!'
Hamish - 'Cool! We have our own paddock! Up near the 'man-cave', we are going to have a great time! Just us boys...''
Sherman - 'I don't know about this, you know I don't like change...and...I don't think I am THAT manly...'
Boo - 'Yay, you pesky boys will be out of the way!'
KayJay - 'Ummm, can I go too? Don't leave me with (grumpy) Boo!!'

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