Monday, 19 November 2012

And just for something different...

After having so many Alpaca-related activities recently, it is time to update on the family :)  2yo was baptised on Sunday, with his big brother and sister, and his grandparents attending.  He was very well-behaved, regardless of four new molars coming through :) I was more nervous having never attended a baptism before!

I thought we might have some behaviour at the font, but luckily after all of his swimming lessons, 2yo is used to having water on his head!

He did try to blow out his candle (whispering 'Happy'!)...

Then, as luck would have it, it was the same day to see the Wiggles in concert!  Of course, 18yo Daughter and 15yo Son did not want to attend, so Husband and I braved millions of toddlers, babies and their parents!

2yo was a little shocked at first, but he soon came around!  Just to show you what a good dancer he is...check out this video :)

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