Monday, 12 November 2012

What's underneath (the girls)?

Ok, so we are still reeling in shock from the little skinny deer/sphynx animals that came out from underneath the boys' fleece.  It was the girls' turn next, but the shearer said that only Malibu, Vodka and Kayjay needed shearing - the others didn't have enough fleece!
Kayjay - 'What's going on? What happened to YOU Sherman?

Lucky for some? Well apparently not, as all of the girls were manacled for their injections, drench and toenails regardless of being shorn or not.  I expected some bad, spitty behaviour, but the girls all suprised us with only Vodka crying (no spitting), and Aqua uttering a few moans.
So, next up was Kayjay...
Kayjay - before

KayJay revealed!
Allie and Maddie had their fringes trimmed...
Allie - 'Just a little off the fringe please'
Allie - 'Not too bad!'

Maddie - 'well if I'm not to be sheared then just a little off the front please.'
Maddie - 'WHAT??? My life is ruined!!! I don't even have any eyebrows!! ARGHHHH!'
Then it was big Vodka's turn...
Vodka - the shearer said ' she's a big 'un!'

Vodka - revealed!!!
The shearer was especially careful with putting Malibu down.  He checked her over carefully and announced that we had a few weeks to go yet!  We all heaved a HUGE sigh of relief!

Malibu - before with 2yrs of fleece
Malibu carefully stretched out for shearing - Shades of Grey? LOL!!
Malibu - revealed!!
Well! It's all still quite shocking, for us and the Alpacas!  We didn't realise that we had such skinny minnies under there.  I always thought our animals were a little 'over-loved' with food, as they are nothing like the svelte creatures that I see on other blogs, but now I feel like I have to feed them up!  How are those legs supposed to support anything? 
These are just a few more photos of our half-sheared herd...
Some of the crew before...Voddy, Boo, Sherman and Hamish
Hamish - 'I feel sooo light, I can feel the sun...'
Sherman - 'I feel stupid, I mean look at me...fluffy ears and feet?? Not really macho!'

KayJay (back) 'What happened?'  Vodka - 'This is going to take sooo long to explain to her (mutters under her breath)!'
Malibu - 'I look like a pregnant Posh Spice - I'm still gorgeous!'

Sherman - 'Hello!!! I'm over here between these blades of grass!!'

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  1. I love shearing time (if not the actual process ) they all just look so cute naked. I remember that our lack of resistance to making our first alpaca purchase was due to seeing newly shorn alpacas!