Sunday, 11 November 2012

What's underneath (the boys)?

Oh my! Our first shearing day at Macquarie Springs... I was not prepared for what would emerge from under all that fleece! Where have my boys gone?  They have been replaced by Sphynx!
Guess who this is??

I have to start at the beginning, the day began with an hour's drive to Deloraine to visit Quamby Park Alpaca Farm who were having an open day - just for a look around!  We found a lovely lady with a huge amount of Alpaca knowledge, and who was very interested in purchasing our fleece for spinning.  These are a few of her gorgeous girls...who won ribbons in shows recently, and are to be sheared next weekend.

Then we flew back in time to meet the shearer and of course, Grandma and Granddad couldn't miss the show.  We quickly herded the Alpacas into the pen, but of course, there is always one that won't behave...Sherman (worried about those teeth!).  Daughter successfully captured her alpaca in the end and they were all waiting...
Sherman - I don't want to go in!
Hamish got a bit carried away with all the excitement, and displayed some inappropriate behaviour (or maybe he was having a go at Sherman becuase he had held up proceedings?).

Regardless, the girls looked appalled and Hamish was told to behave himself with visitors around!  Due to this embarrassing start, Hamish had drawn far too much attention to himself, so guess who was first up?
Hamish - 'what????'
The shearer bought his helper, so all husband and I had to do was bag the fleece into the labelled bags.  I had ample opportunity to take photos...
Hamish - 'Can we talk about this first?'
 '(Muffled) look, I promise I won't touch Sherman again...'
Nearly done...toenails, drench, injections...
Oh my! Who was emerged from under that fleece?
Sherman was so frightened by all Hamish' screaming, that he tried to hide behind the girls!
Sherman - 'I'm not here!'
Poor Sherman, he WAS next...
Sherman - 'Oh no...'
'Keep my mouth shut and he won't see my teeth...'
'My teeth weren't so bad after -all YAY!
KayJay - ' that you?'
The boys!
Next post - Vodka and Malibu revealed!!


  1. It's a bit of a shock when all the fleece comes off them isn't it? They'll feel much better with that weight off them though Lisa. Great set of photos! Shirley & Robbie

    1. Hehe, I don't know who was more in shock though! I thought we had obese Alpacas, compared to everyone's svelte animals - well!!! Now I think I might have to feed them all up! Hamish walked on his halter today, but we couldn't entice Sherman into the pen - he is a little traumatised. We are a bit too, these don't look like our 'pacas!! The girls were even more of a shock... :)

  2. Awhh Sherman looks so tiny and cute Lisa, they all look so different , Janine x

    1. hehe, he is sooo tiny and spindly! There isn't much to him - he has good fleece, but I am not sure if he will have the conformation to be a stud! They have grown some fleece now, so I will post some more pictures soon. We finally haltered Sherman, and it was like flying a kite - he is so small! LOL xx