Friday, 9 November 2012

Sunday shearing!!

Sherman -' What over-bite? I'm not hiding large bottom teeth in here. Uh uhh my teeth are just fine! No need for the dentist here!'
The Alpaca's are all booked in for their shearing, beauty clinic and injections this Sunday.  Our shearer will be shearing, cutting toe-nails, filing teeth if required (Sherman has an over- bite), and administering 5-in-1, Vit D and drenching.  Today I will go out and take the 'before' photos, and I will take some videos tomorrow- it is our first shearing wooHoo :)
Maddie - 'well about time, have you SEEN the state of my fleece? I think I will keep my leg-warmers though, but a bit of a trim through the afro so that you can see my stunning eyelashes. Do we get a shampoo?  Is the blow-dry included?'
Malibu is keeping her legs crossed, and I wasn't sure if she should be sheared tomorrow.  After ringing the breeder, I was advised that she would be better off sheared than not!  I will see what the shearer says on Sunday.
Sherman - 'OK, they are a little large...but surely we don't need the dentist?  I mean, if we just leave them I'm sure they will be fine? If you look closely I just look like I am smiling all the time...there's no problem...honestly!'
Allie - 'Face it Sherman, you are getting your teeth filed!  I hope they put down a nice sheet, and I would like to choose a colour for my nails, and maybe an inch off my fringe but not too much, I hate it when they take off too much...hairdressers can ruin your life (mutters)'
KayJay - 'What's happening?'
 To shear an Alpaca, they must be lay on their side and their feet tied so that their body can be carefully stretched.  The shearer uses a combination of ropes, pulleys and weights to get the exact amount of pressure (no legs pulled out of sockets), then the Alpaca can be sheared quickly without knicks.  We will be collecting the fleece (approx 2-4 kilos) and bagging it according to what body part it came from.  Hmmm... skirting and cleaning will take place later.
Maddie - 'just a quiet word...ummm...if there is ANY chance of a blow-dry...well, I would LOVE one...'
Sherman - 'My teeth are fine...really!!"

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