Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Malibu watch.

We are watching Malibu (Boo) carefully.  This is our other rescue Alpaca who is also pregnant.  She is sitting apart from the others, sitting and lying more often.  We have our fingers crossed that she won't birth anytime soon as then her cria would also be premature (only a week since Vodka gave birth), but Boo's behaviour isn't normal.

The problem is that we don't know the exact time that Boo and Voddy were mated, and when we got them, we were told that they were due in December.  The poor girls hadn't been shorn, so are carrying at least two years' fleece.  They were almost crippled with toenails that had grown under their pads.  After we had seen them, we couldn't just leave them, so here they are.

Boo isn't a favourite as she is always grumpy, she spits on all of the others in the herd.  She will allow me to touch her but growls at me.  Now that Vodka has had the baby, she is a different Alpaca, and very affectionate.  Maybe Boo will be the same once she has birthed?  Let's just hope that it isn't soon!

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  1. I know of some humans that were grumpy when they were pregnant too! Only a couple more weeks or so til December, let's hope she hangs in there until due date. Maybe she is just feeling 'heavy' now as she's getting close? I know I felt like a beached whale! *hugs*