Saturday, 1 December 2012

A bit nippy?

We have been lucky, since the Alpacas have been sheared, we have enjoyed warm, mild weather.  However, some mornings have been a little 'nippy' according to Daughter, and she felt the boys needed jackets. 

After looking at some online, she thought she would have a go at making her own.  Bubble wrap and the heavy material that wrapped some of our 'delicate' furniture were determined as good choices. 
Hamish - 'hey Sherman, we are getting Jackets!!'
Vodka - 'If you had left me alone, I would still be warm like Maddie, I am NOT wearing a JACKET!'
Malibu - 'Actually, I wouldn't mind a jacket...maybe a little scarf and some socks to match'. Vodka mutters.
Once made, we went out and tried them out on the boys... Sherman would not be in it.  In fact, if he isn't in the pen he is too anxious to be managed in his current naked situation. 
Sherman - 'Don't touch me! I'm still traumatised from being shorn!'
Hamish however was up for it (that's my boy!).  He let me put his jacket on, but was less than impressed with it.  He jumped and kicked out once I let him go. 
Hamish - 'What the...???'
The jacket slid around him slightly, of course Daughter hadn't been able to measure them before making the jackets so they were a bit small.  Hamish let me adjust it, but he still wasn't happy.
Hamish - 'Nooo, get it off...' Acua - (muffled laughter)' You look just fine Hamish!'

He then let me take it off him, and gave me a look as if to say 'What was that all about then?'.  I told daughter that we now had two fantastic cria jackets to store in the tack shed :)

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