Thursday, 6 December 2012

If you were wondering about the chickens...

We haven't forgotten them!  They like it best when I let them out in the morning, as I have set up a line of 'breakfast' (scraps left over from previous dinner) and they race out past me to get the first look-in.

 When Daughter lets them out, she ALWAYS forgets the breakfast, so the girls go running past and you can see the disappointment in their little faces :(  Daughter then comes in and hurls breakfast over the verandah at the girls (usually resulting in most of them wearing it - very unladylike!).
Anyway, this morning Daughter had her phone with her and was able to capture an unusual event.  She had let the girls out and was being reprimanded by Tufty for not having breakfast ready.  Daughter went out later to throw breakfast over, and was taking photos of the girls runing over the garden.  Poor Priscilla was busy on the nest box!  She stopped however (everything stops for food), and came waddling up the garden to look at the offerings.  Then she madly headed back for the hen house but stopped halfway - and laid her egg on the grass! 
Well, she was as suprised to see it there as Daughter was, but after a quick look, Priscilla was back to breakfast!  Daughter has been told off for causing stress and anxiety to the poor chickens and been instructed to follow routine in the future!

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  1. Thats a really funny set of photos - love the surprised look on the chicken's face! Shirley & Robbie