Friday, 4 January 2013

Bush fires - sweltering temps

Oh dear! Just a quick one...we have four HUGE raging bushfires across Tasmania at the moment.  Thousands of poor people have evacuated to nearby beaches, and my heart goes out to those who have lost everything, including livestock. Tasmania is mainly World Heritage wilderness, and is one of the three largest remaining temperate wilderness areas in the Southern hemisphere.
The closest fire to us is in Bicheno, about 40min drive away.  We had a hot day of 40 degrees yesterday with high winds, it is a devastating combination, at midnight last night we still were at 34 degrees.  We knew it was going to be hot, so we were especially diligent in cleaning out water troughs the day before! I even locked our old cat inside the laundry where he lay on the cool tiles.

We are all being warned to review our bushfire/emergency plans - which for us means leaving and opening up all of the paddocks.  As there is usually only me and 2y.o home most of the time, there isn't much other choice, and we are surrounded by paddocks and bush.  We would have to move quickly! The thought of having to evacuate makes me feel sick, and I try not to worry (in advance) about the loss and all of our animals.  Husband is joining the volunteer fire fighters, so although it is a good thing to do, I am selfishly worried about him being ok.

I am hoping to get Eclipse and Chinook (his wether) delivered today, but the fires in Hobart have been very bad too - Alpaca woman hasn't called - so I hope everything is ok :(  ABC news keeps us up to date, so hopefully with cooler temps today, they should be able to get the fires under control.


  1. And here I am moaning about rain and mud.
    Keep watching ABC news - and keep very safe.
    Best wishes

  2. How scary!

    Many positive thoughts and prayers that it is under control and no more harm comes from it.


  3. Stay safe, and I hope the bushfires are under control very soon, thinking if you all, Love Janine x

  4. We've seen lots of TV coverage of the fires. Take good care of yourselves and stay safe. Shirley & Robbie

  5. Thank you for your kind comments :) We are lucky that the closest fire to us has been downgraded (controlled), but sadly two more fires have been recently upgraded and more people are being evacuated.
    The situation in Hobart and South is very grim with over 100 people unaccounted for and hundreds of homes and farms burnt to the ground. No rain is expected for another week, and temps due to rise again this week. Whilst the reports say that some fires are being managed, the weather isn't helping.
    Our fortunate news is that we were able to have our stud male, his wether and the two girls with their female cria's delivered over the weekend DESPITE all major roads closed! I will post info soon :)

    1. Have been wondering where you are in relation to the fires so wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping you don't have to leave and your property and animals don't become in danger.
      Take care.

  6. Thanks Carol, today was very smoky so we had to close all windows. I drove into town to go to the post office, but the haze was very thick and most of the traffic lights were down. We constantly check the fire reports, and have luckily been out of the way of the bigger ones. The weather isn't looking good, so the state remains on total fire ban (including BBQ)! xx