Thursday, 3 January 2013

Views of Launceston, Tasmania

First Basin at Cataract Gorge Launceston, Tasmania
Thought I would just show you all some pictures of what we got up to between Christmas and New Year...this is beautiful Launceston, Tasmania.

Public pool
Alexandra Suspension Bridge

This is the Cataract Gorge, and what better way to see the basin than from the chairlift?  2y.o was very impressed!
'Woooaaaaahhhh' - favourite word!

After a walk around the gorge, we were again the peacock and the babycino!

more 'Woaahhhh's'
Then back again (ho hum) in the chairlift!

A couple of days after that, we went on a hours' cruise in the Gorge.  We had a BIT of trouble keeping 2y.o quiet whilst the captain gave us the history of the Tamar River and Launceston.  2y.o found a small bin on board and loudly proclaimed 'EEwww' EVERY time he opened it (which was often if we didn't distract him first...some common distractions - 'oh look...water/a bird/ a boat/more water...') Luckily some of the tourists took a liking to 2y.o and spent more of their time taking photos of him rather than the scenery!
Cruise from Seaport
Riverside, Launceston

Cataract Gorge (from the water!)
'Daddy, where's the bin?' Daddy thinking of jumping out of the boat from sheer embarrassment!

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