Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Felting and Spinning

'ACUA' in felt
I have to thank Cara (Oak Haven) and Shirley (Tigh Mhor) for their advice and help with spinning.  I have been busy needle-felting (when 2y.o is asleep) and managed to make to 'alpaca-like' felt 'Alpacas'!

I didn't realise how much I would enjoy felting - it is just like sculpturing!

Since I have been reading Cara's blog very carefully, looking on you-tube and searching the internet (and having taken Shirley's advice), we bought a second-hand Ashdale spinning wheel on the weekend. 

Unfortunately the lady who sold it to me didn't know how to spin, so I wasn't able to get a lesson in spinning :(  Anyway, I am sure that I can learn from the internet, or from the boys (who wanted a turn!)
Where does this go?

Helping Mum set up the wheel
Amidst all of this, it was Daughter's 19th birthday on Saturday (Australia Day).  Happy Birthday :)


  1. Gorgeous felt alpacas! You are very talented!

  2. Good luck with the spinning! Those little felted alpacas are gorgeous, well done! I started on a big teddy ...too big as I ran out of steam and he still sits in the've inspired me to get him out and finished!

    1. Wow! You will have to send me a photo when you have finished it! LOL, the alpacas are small (about 20cm high) so they don't take too long :)

  3. Really well done with the felting - they look great (I sense a business start-up scheme coming!) Good luck with your new spinning wheel, it looks good and you'll soon get used to it. Shirley & Robbie