Friday, 1 February 2013

Maybe a box of chocolates?

Allie- Just not interested!
Why would a female be unreceptive?  What do I do with an unreceptive female?  Suggest the stud wear aftershave?  Bring a box of chocolates?  Get to know each other over a bucket of feed?  What do I do with with another female who is said to be pregnant, spat the stud off three times and then for the last two nights suddenly obliges??  I am so confused!

I am trying to keep up with the tricks and trades of these Alpacas!  I had a lovely list of who was being mated, when, and then calculated the spit-offs all set-up on an excel spreadsheet complete with birth calulators!  Of course, the girls were not going to be in that!  Maybe it is their way of telling me not to be so controlling LOL? 

So...I have a LARGE girl (Allie), who was shorn last week and has not been at all interested in the 'pen proceedings'.  I have tried her numerous times, but she is a bit bigger than Eclipse and spits him off and 'chests' him.  I contacted her previous owner who was surprised as Allie was always the first to sit!  Allie is not interested in the three crias (so not clucky), even when in with an obliging female, she refuses to sit.  All I can think is that she is slightly sunburnt (which she is) or she just doesn't fancy Eclipse?  I have tried her at different times during the day, I have given her a break of three to four days at a time.  I have to admit that I don't want to 'force' her, that is halter her and push her down, but what do I do?
Eclipse 'I've never met anyone who could resist me!'
Hamish 'I don't know what to say...tragic...(LOL)'
Chinook (mutters) 'no-one EVER resisted me - before my manhood was taken...'
Eclipse ' I just don't understand it...I walk in there, and the rest just swoon...but this girl...
she just stands there and has this LOOK (it's a bit scary actually)
She's not at all interested, she screams and spits all over me, then just gives me the cold shoulder
and the other girls are just laughing (I know it)'
Lucky was supposed to be pregnant (so the shearer said) yet I wanted to do a final spit-off with her last night...and she sat and mated!! would have been a surprise waiting for a cria that never happened!  At least she has been mated...I just need to figure out what is going on with Allie!
Vodka - personality change
Oh...and talk about cranky pregnant girls!  I was having a 'moment' with Voddy, when I crouched down near the pen and she came up for a kiss...well it wasn't a kiss...she bit my hair!  When I stood up to tell her off, she went to 'chest' me! Well, she got a shouting at! She actually scared me, and so we are having a falling-out at the moment.  I think she needs chocolate!


  1. They are very odd animals at times!
    I waited ages for an expected cria last year - she looked pregnant, acted pregnant - but nothing!

  2. Having only boys, we can't help with any advice on dating!Good luck. Shirley & Robbie