Thursday, 10 January 2013

MORE new girls - the last of the Alpaca spending spree!

Harmony with cria Melony
I just couldn't resist them...these girls were the 'overstock' from Mt Roland Alpaca Farm, about an hour away.  Not only did these girls have great fleece stats, they were being sold with a cria each at foot, AND the cria are female.  I quickly gave the owner a call and discussed all of the vitals, then talked Husband into buying them :) After all, 16 is a great number for a starter herd!
Ambrosia and Tegan Teacake look around their new home
We went for our long hour and a half drive (opposite direction to the bushfires) to view and buy these lovely girls.  18y.o Daughter, 15y.o son and 2y.o son came along.  The farm is very pretty, but it is so dry!  The owner has had to feed the herd (the same as in winter) as there is no grass!
Tegan (back) and Melony born three weeks old
Anyway, I already knew I was going to buy them, so I was straight in and met Ambrosia with her cria Tegan Teacake, and Harmony with her cria Melony.  Ambrosia (solid brown)has a pedigree including Purrumbete Dorado, Purrumbete Max, Suricaya Eldorado, Suricaya Trina and Marmalade, Shanbrooke Image and Arica Colombo (New Zealand).  Harmony's (medium fawn) pedigree includes; Purrumbete Romance, Purrumbete Valerie, Purrumbete Pacific Prince, Purrumbete Oscar, Benleigh Romeo and Pacific Beethoven. 
Melony (with a burnt nose!) Good enough to eat, but good enough to show?
Speaking to the owner, who shows her Alpacas, she asked if I had shown any.  I said that we were very new to all of this, but we would consider it in the future.  She then said that Melony would be excellent to show, already displaying a fantastic crimp with dense and fine texture.  Watch this space! Husband is very keen to show!!
Ambrosia (L) with Tegan, and Harmony (R) with Melony behind, getting used to their new surroundings.
Girls meeting over the fence
We took the girls home and as they had cria to feed, we shooed the girls into the wood paddock and let the two girls out in the main paddock.  This meant that they could greet each other over the fence but the new girls could settle in and feed the babies without any stress.
All is calm...
Three hours later, everyone seemed settled and we opened the gate.
Here they come! Acua leading the charge!

Later still, we took 2y.o into the paddock to meet the very friendly cria (and say hello to the other girls).
2y.o and Melony
2y.o & Daughter meet Tegan
Don't forget to say hello to Vodka
Poppy was very happy to have new friends, but I could then see just how poor her fleece is compared to the new crias.  Poppy was born from Malibu our 'rescue' alpaca, so obviously her mate wasn't a pedigree stud!  Poor Poppy!  We love her anyway :)
Melony (back) and Tegan play chasey with Poppy
Poppy (back) and Melony


  1. Tee Hee...the last of the alpaca spending spree? I doubt it. I have managed to buy another one today from my sick bed! I suspect that you are going to be no better Lisa! Congratulations!

  2. They are addictive :)

    Cria are so so cute too!!

  3. They look as if they are going to have a very happy life ahead of them - and a busy one for the humans! Shirley & Robbie