Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Where there is smoke...

Hills obscured by bushfire smoke
Although we are out of the way of the 'uncontrolled' fires, we still have several fires burning close to us.  Today was very bad for haze and then smoke.  So bad, we had to close up the house.  If you usually read the blog, you will usually see the clear view around the property.  Today, everything had a yellow tinge and the view to the mountains and hills was obscured by smoke.

 There is the large uncontrolled fire down near Hobart, but the winds have picked up again so we are all back on alert as the fires that are controlled can again become uncontrollable.  There is no forecast of rain and we are desperate for it.

The hill behind us, Mt Arthur is usually seen behind the hill - today it is totally lost in the haze!
View down to the girls' paddock, the skyline of rolling hills has disappeared.


  1. I'll do a rain dance over here and try to send some of the vast amount of rain we have here over to you!
    Keep safe.

  2. Glad to read that you are all still OK. Look after yourselves! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Thanks Shirley & Robbie :) Rosemary...did you do that dance for me? You must have done something? We have had 2.4mm rain overnight and it looks like winter here this morning LOL! Thankyou!!