Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hot boy!

Eclipse enjoying a cool-down
Fingers crossed - we have rain forecast for tomorrow.  We are averaging 30 deg everyday, and yesterday we had a bit of an emergency...the water stopped re-filling into the troughs in the alpaca and cow paddocks :( 

The water in the spring has become so low that it needed to be dug out.  I had to wait for Husband and 15y.o son to come home, I was too sick to do it and it needed two people (there are lots of tiger snakes up there, and tigers swim!!).  It wasn't until the evening that the job was done, luckily all the water troughs were still half-full.

We have gone through half of our winter hay, so we were grateful to be able to purchase a round bale from the farmer next door for just $50.  The six steer were so scared of this great big thing in their paddocks, and I laughed at how they kept away from it and then lined up at the fence and called me for their hay in the evening!  I had to lead these big boys (they must easily weigh 400k each) back through three paddocks and then pull off some hay to entice them.  Once started, they didn't stop!!  Yesterday they lay around for four hours with bulging bellies, sunbaking and belching LOL!  They didn't even move when I went in to check their water!

I water the veggies in the afternoon, with the dribble that comes from the dam, and Eclipse comes to the fence on the other side of the creek.  At first I thought he was just being nosy, and chatted to him whilst he stood under the trees watching.  He looked so hot, that I covered up the hose with my thumb and 'misted' him...I thought he would get spooked, but like the girls, he loved it!  I had to laugh at how he closed his eyes to get the water on his face!  I moved my thumb and he loved getting sprayed!
Chinook (Shin-ook) in the background - scared of the water!

Now this side

And this side

and a bit more...

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  1. Hope that rain arrives!
    Some of mine love a good soaking - others hate it!