Tuesday, 12 March 2013

HOT (dry) and bothered!

Husband feeding hay to Hamish and Sherman
We STILL haven't had any decent rain - just 5ml in the last month puts us at the driest February since whenever and I am over it!  The farm looks like Perth (WA), all dry and crispy, maybe we brought the weather with us?  We have gone through half of our hay bales already, so I am worried about what we will do for winter, and there still isn't any rain on the radar!

Dry, brown paddocks
The animals are all fed-up, the girls tempers' are soooo bad at bucket time, especially Allie and Ambrosia who guard their bucket but then pinch others'!  Whilst still watching theirs, they bully everyone else and then return and spit all over anyone silly enough to think that the bucket was spare.  I am tired of sorting out the fights, and simply don't have the hands to hand-feed the poor girls who miss out.  Today I am going to pull Allie and Ambrosia out of the pen and feed them in the paddock to give the other girls a break and their fair share!

Vodka (L) ' Hey Harmony, have you noticed how Allie ALWAYS has her mouth full?' Harmony shifts uncomfortably as Allie is stood next to her (with her mouth full).

Vodka - 'Just look at her...always seems to be eating something...'
Allie (eating apple)
Allie - 'What???? I haven't got anything!! It's Ambrosia, she is the one always stealing food from buckets'.
Allie (L) - 'Honestly Voddie, it is all Ambrosia's idea...'
Allie (L) - 'They are on to us Ambrosia'.  Ambrosia (Middle)
Allie (overcompensating) ' OHHHH Hiiiiiiiii Harmony!!!! How are you? Here have some hay!!!!' Ambrosia snorts.


  1. Wow Lisa the grass is looking in short supply. The grass isn't doing well in the UK either due to such...but due to us having such cold weather for spring time.

  2. Good grief! You are short of grass - we are as well but not to your extent! Hope you get the rain soon!
    This time of year I also have some dominant spitty females who just will not share - we have to resort to putting in some barriers and shutting the thinner ones in little pens to feed - mind you, yours all look a good size.