Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Orientation in Hobart - the brief holiday of sorts

Leaving behind Launceston

Hello sunny (cold) Hobart
Well, 15y.o didn't kill any farm animal or burn the house down - that's the good news...Husband was deposited at Risdon Prison for orientation for his new job, and has already been given an Iphone 5 and a new laptop, so he is happy...the bad news is the beautiful apartment where we are staying is right on a four-lane freeway!!

I turned the lights out at 9.30pm, after threatening 2.5y.old to 'just go to sleep' in his portacot.  The heat-pump is right over the bed (Joy!) and thermostat controlled, so it goes on and off.  Then trying to sleep with trucks, buses, motorcycles, cars, and an ambulance tearing up and down the freeway was just impossible!
Tasman Bridge - caught in peak traffic coming back from Risdon prison. Mt Wellington in background
I would just start to nod off, you know the point where your thoughts become incoherent, and a bloody truck would engage it's air-brakes outside!!  Then turning over, get comfortable, start drifting and the heat-pump comes on (well at least I can't hear the traffic).  Nearly asleep and the heat pump turns off and a motorbike is ridden manically on the balcony (well, it's THAT close!). Then Husband starts snoring but I haven't got the energy to suffocate him with my near-flat pillow (having given my other to 2.5y.old), and I think that he probably should get some sleep as he IS working the next day!
From hotel room, Mt Wellington at 7am
2.5y.old gets up four time during the night, I managed to get 50 minutes - from 4.20am until the beeping of a reversing truck wakes me at 5.30!!!!!!!!!! At 6am, when Husbands' alarm goes off, I am already making coffee, and 2.5y.old sleeps through!  It's a very long day...already.

Town Hall
Hobart Examiner (newspaper) one of the oldest buildings in Hobart
2.5y.old and the fountain
Sullivan's cove

Husband reports that Risdon Prison isn't a nice to the elements and inmates (not patients anymore!) are maximum security, a couple are 'famous'...Google 'Port Arthur Massacre'.  I take my hat off to Husband who can manage teams of nurses to care for the medical and psychiatric needs of these people.
Glad to be home (and wearing Mummmy's slippers!)
This week we are back home and Husband settles in to manage both Launceston Max Security and Ashley Youth Detention centre.


  1. Sounds like you realised why you left the city!

  2. Oh I know the feeling of the joy of getting in to your own bed...a bit of tortured sleep deprivation makes you appreciate it all the more!!

  3. I envy you the blue skies, but not the sleep deprivation. Home sweet home eh, that lovely happy face says it all..

  4. Now you know what you are missing by moving to the country - good move we reckon! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Good be away from the noise! - but I still envy you getting away for a break!
    Great admiration for your husband and the work he does!