Saturday, 4 May 2013

Still spinning, and now learning how to quilt...

I haven't neglected my spinning wheel, but I have been lazy with cleaning and carding the fleece.  I finally got into gear and carded some of KayJay's fleece, then had a go at spinning it...

 I am getting better at spinning (don't be fooled by my 'rope'),  I am talking about technique! I can go more slowly and don't get my fingers sucked in (I let go LOL).  I am working hard on my drafting, but I don't think KayJays fleece or my carding is up to par, my 'cloud' of fleece is a little tufty, so drafting is very hard (more like stop/start ALL the time). Hmmmmmm...
KajJay Tufts
The comparison...Hamish (fawn) first spinning attempt, KayJay (white) second spinning attempt
LOL, new rope for old rope???

Husband bought me a sewing/quilting machine, and as I only have (very) basic sewing knowledge, I have been teaching myself how to make a basic patchwork quilt (doona) that I intend to stuff with Alpaca (Lol, fleece that is).'s kinda' straight!
Husband, 2.5y.old and I are leaving for Hobart for four days.  Husband has orientation at the main Prison there, and the company have paid for family accommodation!  Little one and I plan on some retail therapy :) Fingers crossed that 15y.o Son will be able to manage by himself...I have stocked the freezer with frozen meals, and the grandparents are in close call range!


  1. Great bit of spinning - I am nowhere near your standard!

  2. You just watch, suddenly no more rope and you'll be spinning finely but that has its drawbacks...once fine yarn is mastered, it's so difficult to do anything thicker so you end up having to 3 ply it for a double knit yarn...that's 2 times as much spinning! So...enjoy your rope whilst you can!

  3. Is there no end to your talents? Love the idea of an alpaca in a quilt! Shirley & Robbie

  4. I raised and showed Angora rabbits for many years with every intention of learning to spin ... but nope never learned. I sure admire spinners though ! Such talent.