Saturday, 29 June 2013

Joined by the white crew!

Adlin (Addie)
Welcome to Addie (6mth male), Adultress, Athena, Astrid and Mercedes...we are still trying to work out who is who (all four girls are very shy) and they have not been sheared very well, so they look a bit funny :) 

Adultress we know, as she has a yellow tag from her previous owner.  The girls are gorgeous, placid and have beautiful fleece (compared to most of our other girls)...but Addie just takes the cake and I am going to be really excited when it comes time to send his off to be tested!

Here is some info on the new girls..
 Adultress (left) and her half sister Athena...
Adultress 6 yrs (S: EP Cambridge Equinox, D: Criamora Ariel, G.S: Jolimont Munfredo) M:24.0 SD:4.5 CVD:18.2% CF:89.9%
Athena 5 yrs (S: EP Cambridge Equinox, D: Yuralee Chanty) M: 18.2 SD:4.1 CVD:22.5% CF:99.5%
 Mercedes 3yrs (S: Belbourie Prime Mover, D: Yuralee Adultress) M:18.5 SD:4.6 CVD:25.0% CF: 97.9%
 Astrid 2yrs (2nd from left) (S: Belbourie Prime Mover, D: Yuralee Adultress) M: 16.7 SD: 3.5 CVD: 21.2% CF: 100%
Adultress and Adlin
The weanlings are doing much better today, but behaving much more affectionately, as if we were surrogate mothers!  Daughter is home from uni for the break, so we have been haltering and training them to keep their minds off their mummies!

I am already thinking of who to put over these four girls...I'm not sure if it will be Eclipse...or if we can afford the stud fees of a Jolimont stud currently at Serena Lodge Alpacas...hhmmmm...the things we think about :)

Oh, and so you don't think I'm a neglectful mother...2.5y.old's thumb is much better...he has started using it again (although he tells me he still has an 'ooww' and needs to 'watch TT (TV)' from his 'bed' on the couch!!! - milking it LOL).


  1. You've got your hands full now, Lisa! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Looks as if you have some great fleeces...happy spinning!

  3. Lisa, Adlin looks so cute & I'm glad little ones thumb or "ooww" is better, missing you all, Love Janine & big kiss for the wee one from me & Emily xxx

    1. Thanks Janine :) I did...drama queen has recovered but every morning he says he has an 'oww' somewhere and wants to go to 'bed' on the lounge and 'watch TT (TV)'LOL...milking it :D