Monday, 24 June 2013

Saddest weanlings in the Alpacas arrive :)

The new Alpacas arrive
Hello :) We have been really busy re-allocating Alpacas to different paddocks, dealing with a 2.5y.old's crushed thumb, cold and cough, getting new Alpacas and moving the weanlings into their new paddock! Hectic!!

I will post some more photos of our new additions (though they look like a motley crew as they haven't been sheared very well...but non-the-less...) tomorrow.  I still can't figure out who is who...they look alike at the moment, it is the first time that we have bough four white girls (albeit they look fawn from their dusty drive).  Here is a sneaky look at our handsome new little fella 'Addie' (sporting a lovely pink halter)
We had to separate the weanlings today, including Addie.  It was very sad, the Mummy's were following us as we led Poppy, Tegan, Melony and Addie out of the paddock (very happy that I had started halter training at three months, they walk so well on their leads) and through to the other side of the farm. 

We have put them in the boys' paddock (and moved the boys to the other end of the farm), and for tonight we have locked them into the pen.  Well...the Mummy's soon got over their distress when they realised they could see the boys through the trees...and went off to investigate.  The babies however, were humming away, attempting to escape through the back of the shed (?) and were just so sad :(  Daughter took a video of them to share...poor things...


  1. I hate weaning time!

    Hope son's crushed thumb is okay.

    Looking forward to the photos!

  2. Yes weaning is sad but they'll soon be frolicing around...mums all forgotten! Good luck settling in...and recognising, the new additions!

  3. Despite tipping my toe in the dark side this year...I love white alpacas you will soon recognise them and wonder why everyone thinks they all look the same!