Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Merry Christmas

Even at Christmas, there's work to be done! 3y.old hangs up his washing.
Completed cubbyhouse
Yes, we were very busy putting together a cubby house and kitchen (surprisingly the kitchen took longer to assemble than the entire cubby!).  I was glad that we had started early though, and then artfully draped a tarp across the whole lot and told 3y.old that it was Daddy's 'work' for the 'pacas! 


Sadly, 3y.old was very sick with a bug he must have picked up from playgroup, and we were in hospital with him for five hours before Christmas.  He was covered in itchy spots, swelled up, complaining of a sore neck, sore throat and sore ears.  Of course, his throat was swabbed and the swab sent off, but we still won't have the results until tomorrow - so he was reluctantly given anti-biotics and sent home. 

No-one else has been sick, and he picked up by Christmas day, so at least he enjoyed the day. 
Where to start?

At Grandma's house

'Fishing' at Grandma's

Al Fresco dining with the cat

Hope you and your families all had a great Christmas!

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