Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shearing in style

KJ - Happy New Year!
Two days after Christmas and the Alpacas were shorn! We had had to cancel the shearer previously as little man was so sick and Hubby and I had three hours sleep between us.  Mike Snow comes across from Victoria (Oasis Alpacas) to travel (and shear) up the East coast of Australia and covers Tassie too.  He is well sought after and a registered shearer with AAA, so we knew the 'pacas would be in good hands (even though I was anxious abut some of the girls being due in the next three weeks). 

Some of the ladies' in waiting!
Hubby elected to do all the nails and injections (now he has that all down to a fine art), Granddad came to help, Daughter and I did a little 'immediate' skirting and made some 'hands-on' decisions about what we were keeping and not keeping.  Before and after shearing was the discussion of who we are keeping, who is going and where we want to go with our herd...the fleece was a decisive factor with a few!  These discussions are still in the 'early' stages!

Allie was first up (and if she wont sit for Eclipse and be mated, she will be going!!)...Mike used the ropes plus a table, and soon taught Hubby and Granddad how to get an alpaca up and tied down! 

Mike's brother worked with me, and Daughter, in skirting the worst of the fleece and bagging what was good to be skirted later.  We have 21 'pacas to be sheared, and it took 3 hours...we were exhausted, yet Mike had already sheared 20 'pacas before ours and was off to do another 30!! 

He was well worth the money, he took his time and really cared about each animal.  He was happy to give us an objective point of view on our animals when asked, but the one he really thought was a stunner...Macquarie Springs Good Chance!  He caught him and said that he had the makings of a 'beauty'! YAY :)

And then there was a fuss at the top of the paddock (can you make out hubby's head?)

The man was back, shorn, and ready for action!

Well, with a little assistance from Hubby due to the slope in the pen lol!

And then he was gone, leaving the love-struck girls in his wake


  1. Always catches me out reading you blog - what a totally different season you are in! Shearing is a long way away for us!

    A very Happy New Year to you all!