Sunday, 16 March 2014

UK Grandparents visit Tassie #1

In Hobart
Sorry that I have been MIA over the last few weeks, we were enjoying a visit from Hubby's parents from Leicestershire UK.  We did as much (day) travels as we could manage over three weeks with a 3y old in tow.  Little man certainly enjoyed all the attention and the spoils (hot chips and chocolates).

Hubby with his Mum at Lilydale Falls
As you can see, the weather was OK.  It only rained once during their stay - since they have been gone it has rained non-stop!

Hilberry Strawberry Farm

Chairlift ride at Cataract Gorge

...on a beautiful, sunny day!

A bit of shopping with Grandma...
Brothers - song and dance routine

A boat ride on the Tamar River

Grandma and Granddad enjoy the view

Helping Daddy off the boat
 In the meantime, we also had to give the 'pacas their ADE injections (given every 2 months).  We herded all of the girls into the pen, and Hubby and I demonstrated our 'average' 'paca handling skills.  All was going well until I made the mistake of herding five of the white girls into the 'pen-let' and grabbed hold of Athena (bracelet hold).  Well, she wasn't having a bar of it, before hubby could also grab her,  she reared up on me twice, the second time she bought me down on the side of the pen and through the wood! OOOWWWW!!! Apart from some bruising (to me!) we were both fine.

We couldn't work out was what wrong...the girls are normally placid...surely it couldn't be just the presence of two new people outside the pen?  Then I realised...these five girls were pregnant...and Athena for the first time.  It was the only explanation.  We grabbed her again, and was able to inject her (amidst sprays of spit), and we were able to inject the other girls too.

The next morning, Athena and I made up over a cup of coffee and some hay...
Athena came and sat next to me, whilst Mercedes (also pregnant) gave me her 'arched eyebrow' look as if to say 'It served you right!'
Chester approached to give his condolences, but was quickly dispatched with spit all over his poor little face.

I must mention that the 'pen-let' was not very sturdy, needing another couple of was one of those jobs we hadn't gotten around to...well guess what we are doing now?!

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