Sunday, 16 March 2014

UK Grandparents visit Tassie #2

A visit to 'steamfest' in Sheffield (Tasmania) was the only day it decided to rain!
With his parents over from the UK, Hubby and I did lots of traveling around the most scenic spots in Tassie.  Of course, 3y old grandson thoroughly enjoyed the days out!

Little man at the very front (sporting his rain jacket) competing against the steam roller in a tug of war!

Granddad, Daddy and little man

Always time for the bouncy castle, whatever the weather!

Tractor parade

In Hobart to visit Daughter at Uni (well, invite her out for fish 'n' chips anyway!)

The view from the top of Mt Wellington (Hobart)

A bit wary of the dinosaurs at the museum, better hold on tight to Mum!

A windy morning at Weymouth beach

Behaving nicely at the restaurant!
In the meantime, I had received a phone call enquiring about alpacas for sale, due to an ad we had placed at the beginning of the year.  This was the first time that someone, without alpacas, had contacted me in regards to buying some of ours!! I had a quick phone check with Hubby, and called them back with a list of potential 'sale' alpacas.  Now, so far so good...but I knew that I would be heartbroken when selling some 'pacas, but I also knew the reality - we just can't keep them all! 
Poppy - in crispy paddocks
Hamish - almost no food in summer! We have been haying the 'pacas for a few weeks now!
So I sent the lovely lady a few photos, and she immediately wanted to come around and view the herd.  Luckily they only live around the corner...and they wanted to keep in touch for husbandry assistance. A lovely couple who want a few alpacas for pets, they just want to start with two and then purchase more when our boys are weaned.  They were impressed with our herd, especially how placid the 'pacas were in the paddock and how they all approached for a nosey.  The couple were also were very impressed that all of the 'pacas were halter-trained and walk well on the halter.  Tegan came over for a cuddle (well, to see if there was any food) and of course they wanted to buy her - but with the best fleece stats on the farm, that girl is definitely not for sale!
Tegan sporting her 'hay' hairdo
So once they have built their pen and a shelter, both Poppy and Hamish will be purchased.  They will be picked up in a couple of weeks and taken to their new home, just over the hill.  I'm OK now but I know it will be a different story once they leave.

So it was sad goodbyes to Grandma and Granddad as they boarded their plane for the very long trip back to the UK...back to work for Hubby, and back to routine for little man and I.  We have been busy however, fixing up that broken to come! :)


  1. There are a few of those old tractors still doing a day's work in this part of the world! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Looks like you could do with a drop of rain, we've got a 'little' spare!

  3. Finally catching up on everyone's blogs! Hope your bruising has gone now...they're always full of suprises when the hormones cut in!

    We're sending you some rain for your's on its way!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun !
    Congrats on the sales , I know it will be hard when they first leave.